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Meridian High School have been awarded the "We've embraced Thrive in our setting" status. 

This has been awarded to us due to the whole school embedding Thrive.

Children come to school to learn, and those with a strong sense of wellbeing are more able to make the most of the opportunities available to them.

The Thrive approach is a way of assessing and supporting a child's emotional and social development.  These assessments can then be used to provide personalised programmes for classes, groups and individuals.

Every child will be supported through the school-wide Thrive approach.  An initial assessment carried out by Thrive Leaders will enable class teachers to identify particular strands to work on, such as how to have different opinions without falling out or how to recognise when someone is unhappy or upset.

We are proud to be a Thrive School

Our THRIVE staff include:

Mrs Jayne Curd

Mrs Susanne Holdaway

Mr David Greenidge

Mr Ernest Cindrak 

Miss Charlotte Pinborough 

Miss Chloe Bailey 


Please do scroll to the bottom of the page for THRIVE leaflets.

We trust you find the information below supportive in using THRIVE strategies both at home and at school

The guide below is helpful when thinking about how to manage pressure- this could be due to exams or the demands of remote learning.

Coping with pressure

From crisis to thriving top tips
Thinking about anger
Focusing on what we can control
Negative thoughts tracker
Outdoor learning activities
January action calender
I can choose my thoughts
Using Zones of Regulation
Thrive Approach


You can find out more about Thrive by following this link


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