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Tutor Programme

 Tutor Programme

Our Tutor Time Programme supports our students' personal and values development.


Meet on Mondays: Assembly

Every Monday our assembly is delivered by a member of the senior leadership team. Our assemblies provide an overview of current affairs, focus on days of significance that may fall during the week and introduce students to the topic they will be debating in the Talk on Tuesdays Votes for School's session.

The assemblies that have been delivered for the current academic year can be viewed below:


Talk on Tuesdays: Votes for Schools

VotesforSchools is a weekly current affairs-based voting platform designed to engage young people in political and social issues. Through weekly discussion and voting, not only are voters learning about the world around them, but they are also becoming active citizens and preparing for participating in the UK’s democratic processes as adults.

Once Votes for Schools have our votes and those of other participating schools, they send the results to any charities or organisations that are interested in what young people have to say.

You can view the previous vote topics and our results by clicking the image below

Votes for Schools