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What is Dance for at Meridian High School?

Dance is on the Curriculum at Meridian High School to give all students an appreciation for the arts. Dance is a medium for expression and great artistry. We are an inclusive department that tries to create engaging lessons for all to achieve highly.

Why does Dance as a subject matter?

Dance matters as everyone needs to learn basic coordination, timing and physicality. Everyone moves, therefor everyone dances.

What does Dance help young people to achieve?

Dance will help young learners to have a better awareness of their body. It also helps students to build confidence in performance. Dance allows learners to work together and problem solve, it is also great fun!


Qualification title:

NCFE Performing Arts 

Additional learning resources:

List of Set Works:

  • Artificial Things - Lucy Bennett
  • A Linha Curva - Itzik Galili
  • Infra - Wayne McGregor
  • Shadows - Christopher Bruce
  • Within Her Eyes - James Cousins
  • Emancipation of Expressionism - Kenrick H20 Sandy