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Our Year 10s really enjoyed their day with the Home Office and the winning group is looking forward to round 2!


Today we are debating "Is streaming good for the music industry?" in recognition of Music Store Day on Saturday 12th June. Head over to our Facebook page for a link to this week's assembly which is on this topic and the upcoming Thank You Day.


A reminder to our students and their families that today (Monday 7th June) is an INSET day for staff. We look forward to welcoming our students back for the final half term on Tuesday 8th June.


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‘An autism-friendly ’ is the name of a new council plan to help improve the lives of people with autism:


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Keep a log of the good things people say about you. This can help you challenge your negative thoughts when you have them.


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Arts and creativity are great for helping young people express and manage their emotions. These ideas for teenagers encourage spontaneity, original thinking and imagination and focus on the creative process rather than the end-product:


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With lots of us still awaiting the green light for travel, our voters were at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to making their decision 🧳✈️... Here's a closer look at our results from last week:


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😆THIS EVENING WE HAVE OUR YOUR SPACE YOUTH GROUP SESSIONS! ❗❗NEW Location: (A minute walk for West Croydon Tram Stop) We look forward to seeing all our young peoples faces!


A highlight of last week's Careers Day was witnessing one of our students challenging herself and performing in front of her peers with the fantastic and the Fix Up Team!


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The Report Abuse in Education helpline is available to victims of abuse in schools to make current & non-recent disclosures as well as to offer advice for witnesses, parents, carers or professionals. To contact us, call 0800 136 663 or email


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Brilliant that the GLSE team were able to support this event, a great bunch of students with bright futures ahead of them for sure...


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So great to demonstrate to our students what their aspirations can and should be. Again, really to be part of the team that is not only delivering great teaching and learning but also turning out great young adults


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Lovely to join the outgoing - in all senses of the word - Year 11s for their last few hours with . Good luck everyone!


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Well done for putting together such an inspirational day


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Delightful day and finally got to meet the awesome and his fantastic team! Careers day, motivation and aspirations were certainly high on the list! As always it’s a joy to work with such a fab staff and student body.


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Great to be a part of this, inspiring students !


Year 8 engaged in their first presentation of the day with


It's Meridian High School's Careers' Day 2021. We have an action packed range of day of activities, from a range of organisations, across all year groups, designed to inspire & motivate our students in their careers and futures!


Protect your smile. Cut down on sugary foods and drinks


We are looking for a passionate pastoral practitioner to join a highly skilled team. Do your values align with ours? Follow the link below to apply now: Aspiring Pastoral Welfare Leader

Term Dates


HALF TERM 1: Tuesday 1st September 2020 – Friday 23rd October 2020 

Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September 2020 – INSET DAY – CLOSED TO STUDENTS

Year 7 and year 11 students start/return to school on Thursday 3rd September for a day of induction/study planning.  All students in years 8, 9 and 10 return to school on Friday 4th September 2020



Students finish for the half term holiday on Friday 23rd October at 2.45pm. All students return Monday 2nd November.
HALF TERM 2: Monday 2nd November 2020 – Friday 18th December 2020 Students finish for the holiday on Tuesday 15th December at 2.45pm. All students return Wednesday 6th January.
Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th December 2020 – INSET DAYS - SCHOOL CLOSED  
HALF TERM 3: Monday 4th January 2021 – Friday 12th February 2021      
Monday 4th January to Tuesday 5th January 2020 – INSET DAYS - SCHOOL CLOSED  
Students finish for the half term holiday on Friday 12th February at 2.45pm. All students return Monday 22nd February.
HALF TERM 4: Monday 22nd February 2021 – Wednesday 31st March 2021     
Students finish for the holiday on Wednesday 31st March 2020 at 2.45pm. All students return Monday 19th April.
HALF TERM 5: Monday 19th April 2021 – Friday 28th May 2021       

Students finish for the half term holiday on Friday 28th May at 2.45pm. All students return Tuesday 8th June.
HALF TERM 6: Monday 7th June 2021 – Friday 23rd July 2021       
Monday 7th June 2021 – INSET DAY
Friday 25th June 2021 – GLF INSET DAY – CLOSED TO STUDENTS
Students finish for the holiday on Friday 23rd July at 12.10pm


Term dates 2021/22


Half Term 1

01/09/2021 – 15/10/2021

Half Term 2

01/11/2021 – 17/12/2021

Half Term 3

04/01/2022 – 11/02/2022

Half Term 4

21/02/2022 – 08/04/2022

Half Term 5

25/04/2022 – 27/05/2022

Half Term 6

06/06/2022 – 22/07/2022


Inset days and bank holidays 2021/22


Inset 1


Bank Holiday


GLF Inset Day