What is Drama for at Meridian High School?

Drama is designed to be a practical, engaging and creative subject for learners to enjoy and study.

Why does Drama as a subject matter?

It will provide opportunities to understand, create and explore life through drama and practical performances. Drama can help with students confidence, build relationships and generate different further educational paths that students didn't know existed.

What does Drama help young people to achieve?

The main purpose of Drama is to allow learners to study drama in an academic setting, interrogating this art form and applying their knowledge and understanding to the process of creating and developing drama and to their own performance work.

Topics covered in Year 7:

  • Myths and Mysteries
  • Bullying
  • The Titanic
  • Blood Brothers (OCR GCSE set-text)
  • Power and Control

Topics covered in Year 8:

  • Melodrama
  • Anne Frank and The Holocaust
  • Language and Communication
  • Missing Dan Nolan (OCR GCSE set-text)

Topics covered in Year 9:

  • Practitioners
  • Physical Theatre
  • Text tbc (Mock Exam)
  • Suffering and Survival

Topics covered in Year 10:

  • Unit 2 Mock Exam
  • Unit 1 Mock Exam
  • GCSE Unit 1 Exam

Topics covered in Year 11:

  • Unit 1 GCSE Exam
  • Unit 2 GCSE Exam
  • Missing Dan Nolan re-cap (OCR GCSE set-text)
  • Unit 3 GCSE Exam

Qualification title:

OCR GCSE Drama (9-1) (J316)

Additional learning resources:

  • All resources are provided by the department or OCR