What is History for at Meridian High School?

History encourages critical thinking. Students use evidence to identify different interpretations of the past and use this to form balanced judgments.

Why does History as a subject matter?

History helps students to understand their past. An understanding of the past can help us to make sense of events that are taking place in the future.

What does History help young people to achieve?

History enables students to present well written extended essays, expressing   opinions which are supported by evidence . The ability to do this is a skill that is highly regarded in a wide range of careers from business to jounalism.

Topics covered in Year 7:

  • Historical Skills
  • The Roman Empire
  • Britain 1066-1500

Topics covered in Year 8:

  • The Tudors and Stuarts
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Black Peoples of the Americas
  • The Great War 1914-1918
  • The Home Front. World war 2 1939-1945

Topics covered in Year 9:

  • History skills
  • Life in Germany 1918-1939
  • Elizabethan England 1558-1588

Topics covered in Year 10:

  • The Cold war 1941-1990
  • The Vietnam War 1965-1975
  • The colonization of Virginia during the Tudor period

Topics covered in Year 11:

  • Crime and Punishment 1000 to the present day
  • Whitechapel, 1870-1900. Crime , policing and the inner city

Qualification title:

GCSE History

Additional learning resources: