Design Technology

What is Design Technology for at Meridian High School?

Design and Technology is a fantastic subject that offers students the chance to explore Food Technology, Textiles and Resistant Materials and experience a wide range of skillls, materials and techniques.

Why does Design Technology as a subject matter?

Design and Technology is a fantastic subject, where students are excited to learn and explore. It provides students a platform to develop problem solving skills and grow in confidence.

What does Design Technology help young people to achieve?

Design and Technology provides young people with the skills to become independent learners and problem solvers.

Topics covered in Year 7:

  • Health and hygiene
  • Health and safety
  • Tools
  • Monster puppets
  • Cooking a fantastic variety of dishes
  • Steady hand games

Topics covered in Year 8:

  • Electronics
  • Properties of materials
  • LED project

Additional learning resources:

  • BBC Bitesize
  • All tools and materials including food ingredients are provided to our students