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students and our amazing librarian would love these!!


It's been a fantastic week at the school! Very excited for the year ahead! Our open evening is on Wednesday 19th September from 5pm - we look forward to welcoming new students into our Meridian family!


Always a pleasure having brilliant support from Learning and Teaching Leads!


A brilliant first week back!! and our amazing students have had a wonderful start to the year! Looking forward to Monday! Have a lovely weekend!


So lovely to welcome our new Year 7 students to the Meridian family... and amazing to meet more brilliant parents!!


We have had an amazing couple of INSET days and we are very much looking forward to meeting our brand new Year 7 students tomorrow! Welcome to the family!


Great to have you as part of the meridian family


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A very warm welcome to our two brand new schools which officially open today (1 September)! and are now fully part of the family! Best wishes to and as they lead.


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Welcome to our new colleagues who have either joined a school within today or the central team supporting our schools. We are delighted to work with you as you support and teach our children and young people.


Very excited to be welcoming our new and returning staff back tomorrow! Inset day begins at 8:30am! /19


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Whether you’re returning after the summer break or joining us for the first time, good luck and welcome to all staff and students


We are looking forward to welcoming our staff back on Monday 3rd September, Year 7 Wednesday 5th from 11am, Year 7 and 11 on Thursday 6th and all of our wonderful young people back to school on Friday 7th September!!


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So proud of our Year 11 students receiving their GCSE results today - and of our great team to helped them get there.


Congratulations to our students and staff across and a huge thank you to for coming to support us! Team MHS are proud to continue .. bring on the new year!


A reminder for tomorrow.... all students can collect their GCSE results from 10am Good Luck Everyone!!


A message to all Parents and Year 11 students: GCSE results will be available to collect from 10am on Thursday 23rd August from School.


Such an honour to be part of this amazing event! We are so proud of the staff and student participants

English as a Second Language (ESL)

What is English as a Second Language for at Meridian High School?

The main aim of the EAL department is to support students for whom English is an additional language, in order to facilitate their access to the mainstream curriculum. We offer language support to those at an early stage of learning English, as well as to students who have more advanced learning skills.


New arrivals are withdrawn from mainstream lessons and taught English language. This includes the four skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as grammar, vocabulary and punctuation and an introduction to mainstream subjects. 


English language is taught in one of the option blocks, with the opportunity to complete the Cambridge IGCSE ESL or ESOL examination. Students develop their ability to use English effectively and accurately for the purpose of practical communication. The skills they acquire provide a foundation for further study and employment using English. For those who have had little previous education literacy skills are the main focus. 

Why does English as a Second Language as a subject matter?

It develops the learner’s ability to use English effectively for the purpose of practical communication. It forms a solid foundation for the language skills required for further study in UK. It develops the learner’s awareness of the nature of language and language-learning skills. It promotes learners’ personal development.

What does English as a Second Language help young people to achieve?

ESL gives learners the opportunity to gain lifelong skills and knowledge including:

  • A better communicative ability in English
  • The ability to understand English in a range of everyday situations and in a variety of social registers and styles.
  • The ability to use a range of language – learning skills.
  • A wider international perspective; texts selected for reading and listening deal with contemporary and international issues.

Topics covered in Year 9:

  • Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

Topics covered in Year 10:

  • Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

Topics covered in Year 11:

  • Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

Qualification title:


Additional learning resources: