At Meridian High our aim is to that every student has a clear understanding of what it is possible for them to achieve and what they must do to achieve it.

In particular, we are determined that when our students leave our family at the end of year 11 they are going to embark on the right path for them, the one that gives them the best chance of having a prosperous and meaningful adult life.

In order to make this happen we:

  • Ensure that the conversations around future careers begin in year 7 and continue throughout the next 5 years.
  • All students complete various careers activities in tutor time once per week.
  • All students’ complete online careers advice programmes.
  • All students participate in careers activities that are delivered on our ACE days.
  • All students have at least 2 visits to University.
  • KS4 students have assemblies and motivational talks from employers and local colleges.
  • KS4 students have the chance to meet successful and inspirational individuals who share their life experiences with our students.
  • KS4 students receive 1-2-1 interviews from qualified careers advisors.