KS4 Transition

Moving into Key Stage 4 is a very important time in your child’s academic career. The subjects they are to study throughout Years 9, 10 and 11 will determine the GCSE (or equivalent) exams they sit at the end of Year 11. Our Key Stage 4 offer covers three years to give each student the best opportunity to prepare for their GCSEs.

The KS4 Transition process starts in March 2018 and is designed to help students, parents and carers to understand the range of courses available to study at Meridian High School, including information about the compulsory core subjects studied by all Key Stage 4 students.

Students will attend special assemblies setting out the process and each student will also receive a comprehensive KS4 Transition Booklet to help them consider the courses they would like to study.

While student and parent preferences are an important part of the GCSE Transition process and will be taken into account, we must be mindful of our knowledge of students’ abilities and will use our professional judgement when allocating subjects to ensure all students follow appropriate pathways. Meridian High School reserves the right to cancel any course if there is insufficient interest to run it.

We are committed to providing a curriculum that will:

  • Meet individual needs and aspirations
  • Be broad, challenging and motivating
  • Offer participation in learning to 19 years of age
  • Prepare students for a positive role in the future

If you have any questions or concerns about KS4 Transition, please contact Mrs Bradley.