School Performance

When we joined the GLF Schools group last October, this reset the clock on when we should expect our next full Section 5 Ofsted inspection. Our last full S5 inspection was in March 2015 and our next S5 inspection is not expected before the 2018/19 school year. In the interim, Ofsted visited the school on Thursday 12th October to carry out a Section 8 monitoring inspection, focusing on leadership and management. Inspectors do not grade a school on these S8 visits so there is no judgement grade to share with you. We are pleased to tell you that they made the following comments:

  • Leaders and the trust have a precise and accurate view of the school’s strengths and areas in need of development.
  • Leaders have put strategies in place to support pupils make accelerated progress
  • Improvements have accelerated recently
  • Leaders have planned a curriculum that balances their high ambition for pupils’ development and the school’s resources
  • Pupils told inspectors that they feel happy and safe at school

We are pleased that the inspectors agreed that we have a clear focus on what the school needs to do to improve further and their priorities for our further improvement match our own assessment. While a copy of their full monitoring visit letter is available on our website, in summary they said we should:

  • Ensure that prompt and effective support helps Year 11 pupils of all abilities make much improved progress across all subjects
  • Embed strategies to improve assessment, teaching and leadership so that pupils’ progress is consistently good or better across subjects and year groups
  • Improve pupils’ literacy skills so that their access to the curriculum is unhindered, particularly low prior attainers

The Department of Education (DfE) publish secondary school results/tables every January. This link will take you to the latest data they published for our school.


Ofsted Reports Date  
Section 8 Monitoring Letter 02nd Nov 2017 Download
Section 5 - March 2015 31st Mar 2015 Download