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students and our amazing librarian would love these!!


It's been a fantastic week at the school! Very excited for the year ahead! Our open evening is on Wednesday 19th September from 5pm - we look forward to welcoming new students into our Meridian family!


Always a pleasure having brilliant support from Learning and Teaching Leads!


A brilliant first week back!! and our amazing students have had a wonderful start to the year! Looking forward to Monday! Have a lovely weekend!


So lovely to welcome our new Year 7 students to the Meridian family... and amazing to meet more brilliant parents!!


We have had an amazing couple of INSET days and we are very much looking forward to meeting our brand new Year 7 students tomorrow! Welcome to the family!


Great to have you as part of the meridian family


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A very warm welcome to our two brand new schools which officially open today (1 September)! and are now fully part of the family! Best wishes to and as they lead.


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Welcome to our new colleagues who have either joined a school within today or the central team supporting our schools. We are delighted to work with you as you support and teach our children and young people.


Very excited to be welcoming our new and returning staff back tomorrow! Inset day begins at 8:30am! /19


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Whether you’re returning after the summer break or joining us for the first time, good luck and welcome to all staff and students


We are looking forward to welcoming our staff back on Monday 3rd September, Year 7 Wednesday 5th from 11am, Year 7 and 11 on Thursday 6th and all of our wonderful young people back to school on Friday 7th September!!


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So proud of our Year 11 students receiving their GCSE results today - and of our great team to helped them get there.


Congratulations to our students and staff across and a huge thank you to for coming to support us! Team MHS are proud to continue .. bring on the new year!


A reminder for tomorrow.... all students can collect their GCSE results from 10am Good Luck Everyone!!


A message to all Parents and Year 11 students: GCSE results will be available to collect from 10am on Thursday 23rd August from School.


Such an honour to be part of this amazing event! We are so proud of the staff and student participants

Ambition, Experience, Explore (AEE) Days

We know how important it is to provide a well-rounded education for our students here at Meridian High School, so twice a year we celebrate the vast range of opportunities we have on our doorstep through our drop down timetable weeks to support our student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences.

Our first AEE week was a huge success with our students being given the opportunity to have a wide variety of life enhancing experiences both in and out of school.

Our students quickly became adept at moving around London using public transport and were at ease using the wide variety of transportations during the week. It was wonderful to see so many of them getting to grips with the underground and train networks with such confidence.

The week was jam packed with a variety of trips and on site activities organised by staff.

AEE February 2015

The Tower of London

Students met the Yeoman along with some of the resident ravens and came close to the Crown Jewels; they took part in workshops looking at the life of the two princes and were able to see how chilling the entrance to traitor’s gate was.

The Science Museum

Students were able to take part in a number of workshops including Launchpad and Tune up- Tune in, where they re-created a vintage style radio. They marvelled at vintage cars and steam engines and saw Stevenson’s Rocket.  

Natural History Museum

Our students came face to face with the T- Rex in the dinosaur collection and visited many exhibitions covering the bigger mammals such as the polar bear which stood at 1.5metres tall.

Img 4104

The Imperial War Museum

Students were able to see how their life might have been had they been at school during World War 1 and 2 and dress up for life in the trenches, look at life size models of fighter planes and many more real life examples of ration books and war memorabilia.

The National Gallery and walk to Buckingham Palace

Our artistic students were able to find inspiration from the masters on the visit to the National Gallery when they saw paintings by Monet, Cezanne, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. They came back excited and talking about how they had taken inspiration for their own work from the paintings and sculptures. They took a walk down The Mall to see if the Queen was at Buckingham Palace and met the horse guards outside.

The Hornimann Museum

Students visited the aquarium and marvelled at the beauty of the jellyfish and were amazed at the size of the Walrus. They were able to dress up in masks from many different cultures and learn the history of them from around the world in a workshop with museum staff.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Students visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum saw the world’s greatest collection of art and design artefacts such as Persian rugs, Dior dresses and antique jewellery to mention just a few.         

On-site activities

Students took part in a whole variety of on-site activities such as trampolining, developing team building and communication skills through a mixture of activities and workshops with different departments.

Spanish and Food Technology teamed up to make some wonderful Spanish dishes to taste over lunch.

Geography and History looked into how other people live in other parts of the world and re-created shanty towns and toured the local area and looked into our Roman Road links.

The year 8’s were very lucky to work with a fantastic author and  illustrator of children’s books Mr David Lucas who came in and showed them how he sought inspiration and came up with his ideas which helped them to develop their own carefully thought out books during the week.

The Maths and Technology departments challenged our students designing and advertising skills in the Malteser challenge.

Music had the Stomp team come in and improve our student’s musical talents through the use of everyday items. Drama had our budding young filmmakers going around making horror movies in school and ended up with hours of fantastic footage.

Art worked with a group of students making large scale mythical monsters using willow sticks and tissue paper; they designed these in groups which looked absolutely fantastic.

Both staff and students alike were proud to be members of Meridian High School as all of the students showed great enthusiasm and behaviour when taking part in activities.

Img 7320

AEE Summer 2015

Student’s continued to carousel the activities above that they have yet to experience along with additional activities of visiting Churchill’s War Rooms to discover the original Cabinet War Rooms, the wartime bunker that sheltered Churchill and his government during the Blitz. Touring the many decks of HMS Belfast and discovering what life at sea is really like.

Exploration of imagination and culture were experienced with works from Turner and Henry Moore on the art trail around Tate Britain.

AEE February 2016

Our second AEE week continued to provide opportunities to have a wide variety of life enhancing experiences both in and out of school. With a larger focus on developing student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences through thought provoking moral and social internal activities mixed with spiritual and cultural visits

The Science Museum

Students were able to take part in a number of workshops including Launchpad. They admired communication and space technology advances that have led to their own world of technology today.

Natural History Museum

Students immersed themselves in an array of collections and visited many exhibitions covering a plethora of exhibits from the natural world.

Tate Britain/ Tate Modern

Culture and artistic interpretations were absorbed and artistic expression was explored by our students in a whistle stop tour of both galleries.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Year 10 students accessed an array of the world’s leading art and design galleries, which houses a permanent collection of over 2.3 million objects that span over 5,000 years of human creativity. The Museum holds many of the UK's national collections and houses some of the greatest resources for the study of architecture, furniture, fashion, textiles, photography, sculpture, painting, jewellery, glass, ceramics, book arts, Asian art and design, theatre and performance.

On-site activities

Students explored an array of social, moral, spiritual and cultural activities that encompassed issues around the world.

Functional skills

Students explored the intricacies of architecture and design in the modern world. They designed, created and presented their own buildings.

Big Data

We entertained guest speakers, who presented how to use data and computers in the digital world to open up the possibilities of careers and learning to our pupils.

Fair Trade

Students explored fair trade and the ethical issues surrounding food supply and demand.


Students explored humanitarianism, aid and charity to broaden their understanding of the wider world and the challenges other societies face today.

English Literature

Year 9 and 10 explored the works of Shakespeare to further their understanding of our English heritage in literature.

Armed Services

Year 8 and 9 played host to the army and the military preparation college who put our students through their paces with an assortment of physical training activities, mobile assault courses and strategic and team building challenges.

STEM – Curiosity Project

This session enabled students to understand how engineers apply knowledge of physics and magnetics to develop lifesaving MRI scanners. Students experimented with magnets to see how MRI scanners interact

with tissues to produce detailed images of the body.

Cambridge University Challenge

Students visited Cambridge University for a Challenge Day. The day provided the opportunity to find out more about university and hear about what Cambridge is like from current Cambridge students. As well as hearing about university and Cambridge, students also took one or two short sessions from academics at the university who talked about studying and researching and took part in a series of academic challenges and a debate.

AEE Summer 2016

The summer AEE week for Years 7-9 consisted of internally delivered activities on a carousel throughout the week.  Each House delivered a unique set of activities outlined below:

North House

North House delivered a number of workshops which incorporated Fear and phobias; what causes fear (scientifically), different types of fears and phobias, social impacts of phobias and treatment of phobias. Animal Fear was embraced by our guest Tom’s talking reptiles presenting an array of animals for students to make physical contact with to break down fears, myths and phobias. The following on sessions followed a crime scene investigation with engaging science practical’s.

South House

South House delivered a Pop Up London project. Students explored the London skyline and learned a little about the different buildings we all take for granted. Students designed and created a giant 3D London Map of major monuments and buildings seen on our skyline. With the school being on the meridian line connections to this within the work were made, Greenwich was incorporated and the line to our school was identified through drawing an enlarged map of central London on which our students placed the many buildings they created through the day.

East House

East House took on popular culture with Students studying the ‘zombie flick’ sub-genre.  Students were given the opportunity to: Analyse existing films, write their own scripts, develop costume and make up designs for actors, act out and shoot a planned scene, take part in a live shoot on location and finally create promotional materials for their film.

West House

West house delivered a Duke of Edinburgh (introduction) and an Outdoor adventurous activity day. Within this day students carried out Tent building, outdoor cooking, orienteering, and array of team building and trust exercises.

20160720 134822

AEE July 2017

Year 7 travelled to Shepherd’s Bush to be immersed in the mini city that is Kidzania. We were swept up several escalators to find ourselves at a British Airways arrival desk. All students were checked in and given a set amount of Kidzos (the currency of Kidzania) to spend on their chosen activities. They could also earn extra currency completing jobs around the city. Kidzania is huge and there is far more to do than can be achieved in one visit. It was a fantastic immersive experience and it was great to see the energy of our year 7s as they tried to experience as much as possible.

Year 8 completed a countryside hike through our local area eventually finishing at Scout Adventures Downe where an afternoon of adrenaline fuelled activities were undertaken. Leap of Faith, Tomahawk throwing and abseiling were all approached with bravery and enthusiasm. We were blessed on the walk with some wonderful weather and both staff and students were somewhat in awe of the beautiful countryside which is on our doorstep. We even had our own Theresa May moment as we walked through some wheat fields. The students were amazing throughout and even had enough energy at the end of the day for a game of British Bulldog.