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Every week we display student art work proudly in reception! Congratulations Tilly for being our Artist of the Week!


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Calling NQTs & experienced teachers - do visit us at the recruitment fair and meet team. Plenty of opportunities to be part of an incredible cross primary- secondary team and to join the GLF journey


Why not pop into visit us ?? would love to show you around our science department and can talk you through the incredibly journey we are on as a school


Another great week ! Final Catering exams, Theatre Trips and a visit to Tower Bridge to take part in the Winter Youth Summit! So proud of our students


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We are hiring! If you are interested in starting with us as a science teacher then please drop me a DM to arrange a visit and meet the brilliant team. Suitable for starting NQT in Sept or teachers with experience should also apply


Great assembly today! Mrs Anderson has set year 7/8 the challenge of learning a poem off by heart and reciting it with purpose and passion. The first student to be brave and recite it to her will receive a special letter home and rewards!


We look forward to welcoming our Year 10 parents to parents evening tonight! 4:30pm until 7pm.


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Looking for a new career opportunity?? Come and join our team in a values driven school on the road to good! Get applying!!


Happy New Year! Great to see everyone back and ready to during the new term, making 2020 count!


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with yr 10 NCOP students from and working on countering limiting beliefs, positive affirmation, vision and success with student ambassadors from and .


Tomorrow Wednesday 11th December is Christmas Jumper day! Helping to raise money for our school community projects fund!


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New Addington Christmas Celebration for all the friends and family. Join us for free refreshments, a chance to win a homemade Caribbean Rum cake, and many more fun prizes and activities


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Magic Breakfast - free breakfast available to students. Ensuring that no child is too hungry to learn


Update! Good news we are delighted to confirm the issues with hot water and heating have been resolved and we will be open tomorrow! We look forward to seeing the students in the morning and apologise for any inconvenience caused today


Dear Parents and Carers of Meridian High School, Due to an issue with our heating and hot water unfortunately we have taken the difficult decision to close the school. An update will be sent this afternoon. Text messages have been sent to all parents.


With approaching - PSHE lessons this week will focus on various political parties and Croydon candidates.


students are proud to wear our uniform. A uniform can not only instill pride but also support a schools ethos, promote positive behaviour and provide cohesion. Uniform can also support effective teaching and learning.


Everyone born on or after 1 September 1997 must stay in some form of education or training until their 18th birthday. Advice available from


Assemblies this week for years 7-10 will be on the topic of


Magic Breakfast - free breakfast available to students. Ensuring that no child is too hungry to learn

Curriculum Intent and Rationale


The school’s vision is modelled in our curriculum, where we believe in advantage over disadvantage. As a school serving a community that has known decades of disadvantage, we believe that our students deserve a curriculum that does not narrow the life chances but enables social equity and mobility. For our students to compete in a global economy, we offer a wide range of subjects and offer guidance and support for the choices they make.

Our programme for education at Meridian High School is a knowledge-based curriculum, empowering students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the subjects they study. Our curriculum is therefore carefully designed by our subject specialists within the school and across our Multi Academy Trust to challenge our students, to ensure learning is at the heart of our lessons and to enable our students to meet and exceed their minimum expected grades (MEGs) so all students have the opportunity for a better future.

Our curriculum aims are to develop strong academic outcomes through:

  1. A foundational knowledge base using our knowledge organisers and build on the knowledge they learn independently
  2. Subjects offering extra-curricular opportunities for students to develop cultural capital and appreciation of subjects beyond examination content
  3. Students having guidance and support to develop an understanding of what it takes to be an ambitious member of our community

Moreover, we firmly believe that to fully enhance the life chances of our students, our curriculum must actively promote the acquisition of a broad/academic vocabulary and depth of understanding. Put simply, we believe that knowing more words makes you smarter, and our curriculum is very intent on ensuring this becomes a reality for all of our students.


In order to deliver the aims of our curriculum we ensure all students in Key Stage Three study 4/5 lessons of English, Maths and Science per week, 2/3 lessons of Humanities, Spanish, Art, DT, PE and 1 lesson per week of Drama/Music (subject to study options where students will receive more curriculum time). We pay careful attention to the sequence of when knowledge is taught and subject leaders work actively to review this aspect very regularly so that our students are well placed to access GCSE exams and content. This is underpinned by:

  • Starting every lesson with a memory recall quiz
  • Using planned and targeted questioning in lessons
  • Adapting and scaffolding content so that it is accessible to every student
  • Every topic studied has an overarching challenge question that student’s work towards answering over time building their learning confidence and resilience
  • Nurturing our students so they understand they are ready to learn and education improves their life chances
  • A focus on language development and oracy

We believe it is our responsibility to develop strong literacy and numeracy skills for all of our students given their context. To support this a selection of students are not required to study an additional language and receive additional targeted support to close the gap between them and their peers. We believe that the curriculum should be flexible to allow for personalised choices.

As a modestly sized high school we work hard to offer a broad and balanced curriculum model throughout Key Stage Four. We believe in offering subjects that allow a wide range of pathways and progression for our students in the future. These subjects include:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Combined Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Spanish
  • Ancient History
  • Media
  • Art and Design
  • DT (Textiles & Resistant Materials)
  • Business Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Sociology
  • Performing Arts (Dance & Drama)
  • PSHE (inc. Financial Education)

Developing British & Family Values: Tutor Time at MHS

Our tutor time PSHE sessions aim to explore British and family values including the importance of respect and showing kindness. We aim to develop positive attitudes, tolerance and understanding of all cultures and communities. We celebrate success and achievement.

In tutor time students will explore:

  • How to develop empathy for those who are different to them
  • How to be kind to themselves and others

For further information on transition choices at KS4 please refer to the KS4 transition booklets