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Our Year 10s really enjoyed their day with the Home Office and the winning group is looking forward to round 2!


Today we are debating "Is streaming good for the music industry?" in recognition of Music Store Day on Saturday 12th June. Head over to our Facebook page for a link to this week's assembly which is on this topic and the upcoming Thank You Day.


A reminder to our students and their families that today (Monday 7th June) is an INSET day for staff. We look forward to welcoming our students back for the final half term on Tuesday 8th June.


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‘An autism-friendly ’ is the name of a new council plan to help improve the lives of people with autism:


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Keep a log of the good things people say about you. This can help you challenge your negative thoughts when you have them.


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Arts and creativity are great for helping young people express and manage their emotions. These ideas for teenagers encourage spontaneity, original thinking and imagination and focus on the creative process rather than the end-product:


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With lots of us still awaiting the green light for travel, our voters were at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to making their decision 🧳✈️... Here's a closer look at our results from last week:


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😆THIS EVENING WE HAVE OUR YOUR SPACE YOUTH GROUP SESSIONS! ❗❗NEW Location: (A minute walk for West Croydon Tram Stop) We look forward to seeing all our young peoples faces!


A highlight of last week's Careers Day was witnessing one of our students challenging herself and performing in front of her peers with the fantastic and the Fix Up Team!


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The Report Abuse in Education helpline is available to victims of abuse in schools to make current & non-recent disclosures as well as to offer advice for witnesses, parents, carers or professionals. To contact us, call 0800 136 663 or email


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Brilliant that the GLSE team were able to support this event, a great bunch of students with bright futures ahead of them for sure...


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So great to demonstrate to our students what their aspirations can and should be. Again, really to be part of the team that is not only delivering great teaching and learning but also turning out great young adults


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Lovely to join the outgoing - in all senses of the word - Year 11s for their last few hours with . Good luck everyone!


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Well done for putting together such an inspirational day


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Delightful day and finally got to meet the awesome and his fantastic team! Careers day, motivation and aspirations were certainly high on the list! As always it’s a joy to work with such a fab staff and student body.


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Great to be a part of this, inspiring students !


Year 8 engaged in their first presentation of the day with


It's Meridian High School's Careers' Day 2021. We have an action packed range of day of activities, from a range of organisations, across all year groups, designed to inspire & motivate our students in their careers and futures!


Protect your smile. Cut down on sugary foods and drinks


We are looking for a passionate pastoral practitioner to join a highly skilled team. Do your values align with ours? Follow the link below to apply now: Aspiring Pastoral Welfare Leader

Curriculum Intent and Rationale

The Meridian Curriculum

The intentions of our Curriculum are as follows: 

To become a centre of excellence for our community so that students can present the best version of themselves. Students are challenged, they learn and achieve within an ethos of resilience, ambition and respect.

1. All students are CHALLENGED to think deeply, recall and skilfully apply information and supported to ensure they produce work of the highest standard. 

2. All students LEARN. Students acquire knowledge and develop an interest in the subjects they study to enable them to appreciate learning as an important life long skill. 

3. All students ACHIEVE the best possible outcomes by studying a carefully considered educational programme, applying themselves in every lesson and by developing a clear understanding of why achievement matters to their future goals and aspirations. 

Our programme for education at Meridian High School is a knowledge-based curriculum, empowering students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the subjects they study. Our curriculum is therefore carefully designed by our subject specialists within the school and across our Multi Academy Trust to challenge our students, to ensure learning is at the heart of our lessons and to enable our students to meet and exceed their minimum expected grades (MEGs) so all students have the opportunity for a better future.

We recognise that we ‘Require Improvement’ (Ofsted2019). Our team of dedicated teachers and support staff are relentlessly focused on improving the Quality of Education and therefore further strengthening our Curricular Intent and Implementation. 

In order to support the four curricular aims below, we are developing a whole school approach to Oracy because we believe the development of spoken language to be fundamental to the achievement of the students at Meridian high school.

Our curriculum aims are to develop strong academic outcomes through evidence based Quality First Teaching Strategies such as:

1. Modelling: Our teachers use visualisers to develop a collaborative learning atmosphere and enable students to improve the quality of their written work. 

2. Questioning: Our teachers carefully plan their questions to students and use a range of question types to check students understanding and challenge their thinking.

3. Scaffolding: We further support our learners through the use of visualisers, task boards and dual coding. 

4. Recall: Our teachers have designed subject specific knowledge organisers which are available to students in their google classrooms and use daily quizzing to support our students to develop their recall skills and apply their knowledge with confidence. Retrieval practice is further supported by weekly subject specific homework quizzes set through google classroom and other online learning platforms.

5. Challenge: Every subject has Challenge Questions that students work towards answering, at least one learning outcome enables students to apply their learning. Our teachers teach to the top and scaffold to enable all learners to achieve. 

6. Oracy: Our teachers are starting to embed oracy by encouraging our students to speak using standard English in full sentences, actively listening and developing critical thinking skils. This is supported through Direct Vocabularly Instruction (DVI) to introduce key terminolgy which can be used to communicate ideas. 

7. Feedback: Our principle is feedback to feed forward. Our teachers use formative assessment strategies through our 5 a day, challenge questions, live marking, verbal feedback and questioning which provides an assessment of learning. Our summative assessment strategies include end of topic assessments and termly assessments. 

Our Curriculum Model is currently under review for September 2021. We are working alongside Trust Leaders and our colleagues in our Outstanding Schools to ensure the Meridian Curriculum is broad, rich and carefully designed to support our students so that they are well placed to be successful in the future.