Posted on: 07/12/2017

#Takeover Challenge

On the 24th of November 2017, I took part in an event called the Takeover Challenge. This meant that a group of students got the chance to learn about and try different jobs that make up Croydon Council. My role was Director of Adult Social Care and All Age Disability. I was able to meet various people who work in this department of the council, and who all do so many different things that are truly inspiring.

Autism is a well- known condition which can also impact mental health issue that affects many people, some without realising. We spent time with Paul, who specialises in Autism and the impacts it has on sufferers and their families, he also works in a drop in centre where people with autism can go during the day and can interact with people who are going through the same thing. Doing this has really opened my eyes as to just how many people can suffer from mental and physical disabilities and illnesses all around us. It has also opened up some excellent career paths for me in the area, if I were to consider doing something like this as a job in the future. It was a truly great day and would absolutely do this again if given the opportunity to.

Lucy-Ann Butterworth E2 Year 10.

#Takeover Challenge at London Borough of Croydon

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Written by Student Council
Written by Student Council