Posted on: 28/06/2017

Year 7 Athletics Championships

On Monday 26th June our Year 7 students had the chance to represent Meridian High School at the Year 7 Athletics Championships, held at Croydon Sports Arena.

With all of them being their first time at the Athletics Championships, it was fair to say they were a little nervous and anxious but looking forward to it starting.

Making up our boys were – Hayden Adlam, Jayden Adlam, Jack Knight, Harvey Beams, Charlie Hodges and Ashton White.

Our girls representing were – Lilly Annan, Rhianna Reid, Remmi Gardner and Mariam Kamara.

The Year 7’s gave it their all and did their best!

We started off a little nervy in the first few races but their confidence grew once they felt settled.

Compliments to Harvey (Discuss), Ashton (shotput), Mariam (Javelin) and Lilly (Long Jump) for respectfully competing in their field events. They all produced an excellent performance representing Meridian.

The twins, Hayden (100m) and Jayden (200m), and Remmi (100m) for the girls all ran their best times against some of Croydon’s fastest; they all respectfully gave their best effort.

Equally Charlie (300m) and Rhianna (200m) both produced and a noble effort within their chosen races.

A special mention goes out to Jack Knight (1500m) for the most valiant effort within the competition. Jack was a little nervous before his race but calmed himself down with a good warm-up and stretch. At the gun Jack started off at a good pace and tried to stay with the pack throughout the race. He slowly fell behind but didn’t give up and was determined to make it to the end. His valiant effort saw him cross the finish line with a respectable time of 5m48s and was applauded by everyone in the stands.

The Year 7’s of Meridian High should feel proud and delighted with their all-round valiant effort given in their first ever Athletics Championships.

Good experience was consumed on this occasion and with a little more training the Year 7’s will come back as Year 8’s bigger and better!

Written by West House