Posted on: 19/05/2017

Food Matters Cookery Masterclass

On 15th May, 12 of our Edible Playground Ambassadors welcomed two guests from the School Food Matters campaign - Ruth and Gabby – into our Food Tech classroom for a cookery masterclass. The session had an Indian cuisine theme and was designed to show us just how delicious healthy food can be and how easy it can be to prepare! Most of the ingredients we used to cook the food during the masterclass was produce that we are currently growing, or have grown in the past, in the edible playground.

The students worked together in groups of three and were all eager to make sure that the food they prepared was the most delicious. The groups started by preparing a Raita – an Indian dipping sauce made with yoghurt, spring onions, and mint. Once complete, this was put aside to rest and to let the flavours develop. The groups then moved onto preparing the main dish, a vegetarian delicacy of crispy Indian potatoes. Some groups braved the chilli powder more than others during the preparation, and there were some really fiery plates of food, but the Raita came into its own and helped to cool down the spicyness!

The masterclass left the students feeling inspired to try new things in the kitchen, and we were pleased to hear that one culinary expert student went home and cooked the dishes for their families to try that evening!