Posted on: 10/05/2017

Know Your Onions Workshop

On 10/05/17, nine of our Year 8 Ambassadors welcomed Julia from the “School Food Matters” campaign into the Edible Playground for a morning workshop. The workshop began with the students showing their visitor around the garden and talking her through what we have planted in the raised beds and the greenhouse. Julia was clearly impressed with the hard work that the students have already put in to making the garden a success again this year, but we know there’s still a lot more to be done before we can begin to enjoy harvesting!

This year we are working towards a Food Market on the 4th July, where all of our Ambassadors will have the opportunity to sell the produce they are currently growing. Before then, we will spend 8 weeks making sure all our lettuces, radishes, peas, herbs, strawberries, and other plants are as healthy and tasty as possible!

Julia, our expert visitor, started off with a really interesting session, in which students learnt about different food families, how long different food takes to grow, and the different conditions they need to flourish. Soon the students had the opportunity to get their hands dirty and they successfully planted lots of lettuce and pea seeds into seed trays. Most excitingly of all we were able to take some of our new lettuces out of the greenhouse and plant them into the outdoor beds for the first time! With a little care and attention, these should grow into fantastic lettuce plants within a few weeks.

We all had a fantastic morning and, after the workshop, the students were able to impress Mr Giles with their new gardening knowledge!