Posted on: 05/05/2017

Trip to Sutton Farm

On 24th April, 10 of our Edible Playground Ambassadors in Year 8 had the opportunity to visit Sutton Community Farm. We spent the afternoon learning lots of fantastic gardening techniques, which we will be able to put into practice in the Edible Playground at school to make sure that this year’s crops are better than ever! 

To start the day, our ambassadors were given a tour of the farm by our expert guide – Harley – who invited us to explore the huge greenhouses and to try all sorts of weird and wonderful vegetables, lettuces and herbs. We then learnt how to create the best conditions for lots of different plants to grow and how we can protect them from pesky bugs and other garden critters. The session ended with the students donning their trowels and dibbers and successfully planting an entire row of courgette plants on the farm.

Even though the rain started to fall just as we arrived, the day was a great success and we all learnt a huge amount about the working life of the farm and the techniques we can use to successfully grow different crops.