Posted on: 20/04/2017

Egg Drop Challenge

Always eager to run eggs-citing events in North House (apologies for the terrible yolk…I mean joke), the Egg Drop Challenge North House Competition was an amazing success thanks to the creative and competitive students taking part.

The Science department had the pleasure of running the event, and with the involvement of more than forty participants, many members of staff and a fantastic judging panel, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome... except North House didn’t win!

Students worked in House teams with a time limit of 45 minutes to prepare a contraption that would protect their egg which was dropped from a first story window into the windy playground. Efforts were judged on a point based system with teams awarded five points in each of the categories of aesthetics, teamwork and tidiness. There were also five bonus points available for eggs which survived the drop! We had some fantastic designs which meant that no team was left with egg on their face!

The winning team of Connor Rawlinson and Brian Trigg-Evans (from South House) made a fantastic parachute-based contraption which not only survived the fall, but remained intact even after a second drop. Praise is also due to West house for having the most number of students participating in the event.

I would also like to thank Ms. Cloete, Mr. Hodgson and Ms. Kelly for volunteering to judge the event as well as the Science department and Ms. Irving in particular for helping with the organisation.

Overall it was a cracking competition which helped many students come out of their shells as they were given free range to develop their embryonic teamwork skills. The scramble for points ended with South poaching a win and… alright, I’ll stop with the terrible egg jokes as I must have crammed a dozen into that last paragraph.

Written by North House