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Wishing our staff, students, parents and carers a relaxing, peaceful Christmas break! Stay safe and see you all in 2019!


What a lovely way to end the term! Congratulations to our winners for their great attendance and amazing behaviour/attitude! We are so proud of you all!


It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Thank you to our community OAPs for joining us for dinner yesterday!! Great event led by our amazing staff and prefect team!

24/11/18 Anyone on Croydon today please please vote for Meridian!!!!


Calling come and join us on our success journey!!


Thank you!! We are so proud of our students - always looking for collaborative opportunities!!


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Please do share this wonderful performance in memory of the Croydon Tram Crash- simply beautiful and moving performance from


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Maths SouthEast By: 19th Nov For: ASAP Full time teacher of mathematics required in Croydon. Highly competitive salary with fantastic career opportunities. NQTs welcome. Email for more information


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DT/RM SouthEast By: 19th Nov For: ASAP Art teacher and a RM (Product Design) teacher vacancy There is flexibility around this appointment and the successful candidate could be a specialist in either subject.


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✨Support and , as they come together to reach out and support their local community! Very touching! ✨


we would love you to help our wonderful students who performed this cover of your amazing song as a tribute to the Croydon Tram Crash that devastated our community. Please please get behind us!!


Ok Twitter we need your help!!! Our amazingly talented and caring students created this wonderful song in memory of the Croydon Tram Crash which devastated our community. Get behind the students and order your version of the song now!!


We can't wait to see you both!!! Welcome to the family!!


Absolutely amazing work from our Meridian Master Chefs!! Well done to all of the students for creating such delicious and beautifully artistic plates of food!!


We are so proud of our students!!


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There are nine fantastic reasons to join and you can find them HERE: What are you waiting for?


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Any former students interested in a career in IT? We have vacancies for onsite/field engineers/service desk analysts & can offer training. Contact our recruitment team ; we’d love to hear from you.


We ask house leaders to nominate students who have 100% attendance, lots of meridian miles and who have gone above and beyond during the half term for example been kind - the students were very happy to be nominated and each half term a new group will be chosen


What a wonderful way to end a fantastic first half term!! with our Head Mr Giles and Mrs Watson! Well done to all the winners who have been AMAZING this half term! 👏🏻👏🏻


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Great lesson withyear 11 today summarising the whole of Bioenergetics in preparation for the PPE’s after half term. Questions and answers were superb, followed by some application to exam question. What an absolute delight to teach!

Posted on: 31/01/2019

Year 7 Netball Match

Year 7 netball vs Arch Bishop Lanfranc Tuesday 29th January


After a competitive game against Oasis Academy Crystal Palace the year 7 team were looking forward to their next fixture against Archbishop Lanfranc. The team travelled over to ABL’s impressive new sports hall and were eager to start the game.  The first quarter started at a high intensity with some fantastic passages of play created by Davina Dennis. A well drilled ABL side were able to link possession to create a number of scoring opportunities. These chances were quashed by Breanna White in the GK position but some excellent movement from ABL’s GS gave the opposition a 2-0 lead going into the second quarter.

ABL continued to build momentum and strung together a number of chances to extend their lead. Davina continue to battle in the centre third and Maisy Rawlinson provided excellent support as our WD.  ABL were brutal in converting their shooting chances and delivered a master class in how to shooting from different locations across the dee. The lead was extended to 8-0 going into last quarter.

Vanessa Rozpara worked very hard to make our first mark on the score sheet but a few missed chances meant we couldn’t open our scoring. Kendall Allen tried to create space in our attacking dee but some excellent interceptions restricted our scoring opportunities further. The final whistle blew and confirmed a convincing win for ABL. They played incredibly well and thoroughly deserved the victory. Well done to the MHS team for the hard work and effort throughout the match. A special mention must go to Breanna White for her second player of the match nomination in a row. 

Result: Archbishop Lanfranc 12- MHS- 0


Mr Taylor and Mr Costi

Written by Mr S Taylor