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Calling come and join us on our success journey!!


Thank you!! We are so proud of our students - always looking for collaborative opportunities!!


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Please do share this wonderful performance in memory of the Croydon Tram Crash- simply beautiful and moving performance from


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Maths SouthEast By: 19th Nov For: ASAP Full time teacher of mathematics required in Croydon. Highly competitive salary with fantastic career opportunities. NQTs welcome. Email for more information


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DT/RM SouthEast By: 19th Nov For: ASAP Art teacher and a RM (Product Design) teacher vacancy There is flexibility around this appointment and the successful candidate could be a specialist in either subject.


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✨Support and , as they come together to reach out and support their local community! Very touching! ✨


we would love you to help our wonderful students who performed this cover of your amazing song as a tribute to the Croydon Tram Crash that devastated our community. Please please get behind us!!


Ok Twitter we need your help!!! Our amazingly talented and caring students created this wonderful song in memory of the Croydon Tram Crash which devastated our community. Get behind the students and order your version of the song now!!


We can't wait to see you both!!! Welcome to the family!!


Absolutely amazing work from our Meridian Master Chefs!! Well done to all of the students for creating such delicious and beautifully artistic plates of food!!


We are so proud of our students!!


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There are nine fantastic reasons to join and you can find them HERE: What are you waiting for?


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Any former students interested in a career in IT? We have vacancies for onsite/field engineers/service desk analysts & can offer training. Contact our recruitment team ; we’d love to hear from you.


We ask house leaders to nominate students who have 100% attendance, lots of meridian miles and who have gone above and beyond during the half term for example been kind - the students were very happy to be nominated and each half term a new group will be chosen


What a wonderful way to end a fantastic first half term!! with our Head Mr Giles and Mrs Watson! Well done to all the winners who have been AMAZING this half term! 👏🏻👏🏻


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Great lesson withyear 11 today summarising the whole of Bioenergetics in preparation for the PPE’s after half term. Questions and answers were superb, followed by some application to exam question. What an absolute delight to teach!


Thank you for coming!! Our year 11s had a brilliant day!


Thank you for coming!! What a great day of careers advice and master classes our Year 11 students had!


Our students at the Brit School today as part of our REACH day!!! Brilliant day had by all thank you to Mr Frederick and Mr Wright for taking the students and to the Brit School for hosting!


Year 10 starting their full day of fitness activities thank you to the trainers from Q Gym in Grays for creating an amazing day for our students!

Posted on: 23/08/2018

Students and Staff from Meridian High celebrate GCSE results

Students and staff at Meridian High School were celebrating today when the GCSE results were revealed.

Head teacher Martin Giles said: “It’s been a joyous morning for me, seeing so many deservedly delighted students. This is a year group that has come a long way. Their resolve and maturity, coupled with the hard work of our wonderful staff and teachers, means Meridian High can justifiably be pleased with our strong improvements this year.”

“The results this year demonstrate that students of all abilities and backgrounds can make outstanding progress,” he added

Head Girl Tayla Lock got seven 9s, one 8 and one A* and is off to Trinity School sixth form in Shirley to do maths and science. She was delighted with the result and her mum, Helen Sellars, said: “I feel so elated and happy for her. She spent every evening revising.”

Senior assistant head teacher Georgina Watson added: “Tayla gives it everything; she worked so hard. She’s always been exceptional but to get that many 9s was just brilliant.”

Chenille Smith, deputy head girl, got eight passes, including English and maths, which she had worried she would not do well at, and a BTEC in sport.

“I’m overwhelmed, to be honest,” says Chenillle, who admits she didn’t work hard until Year 8.

“I used to be quite naughty; I was against the world; I hated school. Then I started to look at successful people and it made me think I could be one of those people. I realised that unless I turned my life around and started working hard at school I wasn’t going to have a career or be a success at anything. If I had not changed my attitude I would have got 2s and 3s today.”

Chenille has accepted a place at the Pick-up Academy football foundation, where she will study sport science. She has been playing football since she was eight-years-old and is a member of the Crystal Palace Academy senior team and would like to become a professional footballer.

Radiia Mohamed, one of the senior prefects, got three 9s, two 8s, a 7 and two 6s.

“I feel so relieved,” she said. “I feel like crying but I’m glad I’m not!”

Radiia hopes to go to Langley sixth form to do A levels in maths, biology and chemistry and later study medicine and become a doctor.

Kenny Roberts, a senior prefect, passed eight GCSEs, with better grades than he had expected. He’s going to North Kent College to study TV and film and hopes to become an actor. Kenny said he struggled with his mock exams so was really pleased with his results.

“I used to be quite lazy but my teachers stepped up to help me change my attitude and showed me what I needed to do, and they gave me the motivation to start revising,” he said.

Helena Eduardo passed eight GCSEs, with her best grade being a 9 for English Literature.  She is going on to Langley Park sixth form to study English Literature, history and sociology at A level and is interested in later becoming a lawyer. Her top tip for exam success is to use flash cards to help commit facts to memory; and to make sure you really understand the question before you start to answer it.

Tyler Hall got eight passes, including 7s in maths and chemistry, and is going to sixth form college in Coulsdon to study maths, chemistry and physics with a view to eventually becoming an engineer.
“I feel good,” he said. “I spent a lot of time and effort on preparing for the exams, but I enjoyed it.”

Saima Ali passed nine GCSEs, including 7s for her best subjects, Englsh Language and Literature. “I’m very pleased; I put in a lot of work every single day,” she said.
Saima is going to Coloma sixth form college in Shirley to do A levels in biology and chemistry and hopes to go to university to study medical science.

“The teachers were really helpful and really helped get me to where I wanted to be,” she said.

After both gaining nine GCSEs with similar grades, plus certificates in IT skills, twins Ivy and Laura Manson say they helped each other revise for the exams. Laura said: “We worked together every evening and having Ivy around encouraged me. She’s the more motivated one and she would tell me to get on with revision.”

The sisters are both off to the same sixth form college, Langley, where Laura will do English literature, drama and media studies and Ivy plans to do English literature, drama and sociology.

Ivy’s top tip for exam success is to have supportive friends. “My friends are very focused on education,” she said. “That has helped me as when I was younger I messed about and was not very focused.”