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We are proud - students wear our uniform with pride and we are all proud of being a part of the Meridian learning community. Come and see us on Sept 23 5pm - 8pm


A year 7 group today loved investigating convection - recording excellent observations! Why? Is the question for next lesson!


- Years 7 & 8 will be discussing respect and communication in relationships, with a reminder about .


- Free & accessible advice and resources for all young people. Youth, info & counselling charity for all young people aged 11-25


We care - the dedication and support of our families and community is a beacon of excellence and our children are happy, safe and supported. We all make a difference to their future chances


Sexual Health Week - During RSE lessons this week, years 9 & 10 will have the opportunity to explore the dangers of using the internet for dating and how to keep themselves safe online!


We are strong - our leaders gave a clear understanding to enable our students to take the best routes and we support every student in their aspirations. Come and meet us on Sept 23 5pm - 8pm


Our Year 10's found it very informative and engaging - we look forward to welcoming Kerry back to Year 9 later in the year!


Sexual Health Week – Without RSE, young people are denied the skills and knowledge to have healthy and fulfilling friendships and relationships and to understand and explore their own sexuality. , and


We are ambitious - we are going from strength to strength and support our community while enabling our students to achieve. Visit us on Sept 23 5pm - 8pm


It's Sexual Health Week! Students in years 9 & 10 will be discussing sex, relationships and disability during RSE lessons this week.


Fantastic play about road safety from The Riot Act for Year 7. If you get the opportunity, please talk to the young people about their experience and the messages they have learned. It was a very engaging performance!


We Challenge - visit our school on Mon Sept 23 and discover how we are striving to achieve our goals as a


Year 7 and Year 10 are having their pictures taken today! The pictures will be available towards the end of next week for parents to view and purchase copies.


Great partnership and collaboration with Croydon music services today! Performances for the students and they are learning to play the ukulele in lesson!


flourishing in lessons this morning, with students striving for success and ready to learn! Keep it up!


A big drive for our students “knowing more words makes you smarter” staff training by Mrs Cooper


Our brilliant teaching team focussed and embracing the thinking challenge presented to us in our CPD session! Reading for meaning and understanding led by 👏🏻


Our first staff CPD of the year starting with Mrs Watson’s ! Our staff are learners!


well done to our young triple scientists for embracing the challenge!

Posted on: 16/01/2017

Year 11 Study Skills Day

A pair of young and dynamic recent graduates marveled at the eager participation and dedication of Year 11 students at Meridian High School on 16th December as they engaged with a series of workshops, activities, seminars and presentations designed to enhance student’s independent study skills, exam preparation and motivation.

Students were introduced to concepts such as ‘Memory and Mnemonics’ in order to ‘ace’ their exams by our successful young visitors who capped off their own successful educational journeys by signing up as mentors and experts in the vital field of independent study skills to share their ‘insider’ tips to help ensure our students hit their targets.

A large majority (73.4%) of students who took part felt that a key benefit was having young, presenters from outside school delivering the sessions. Students comments included:

‘Steve was very helpful’

‘I think my memory is better now’

‘it was more involving and fun to do’

‘I found more useful revision tips here’

‘the man gave us some good tips and he was funny’

‘it widened my knowledge’

‘it helped me understand the different ways to remember key points of learning’

‘I know how to revise better with different methods’

‘it taught me about the mind and how it memorises’

‘it helped me understand how to revise’

‘my memory is good but it can be better’

Students were also given access to the amazing revision app ‘GCSEPod’ and have been logging on regularly to undertake highly focused and targeted independent interventions to improve their grades and ‘plug’ any gaps.

76% of students rated GCSEPod as good to outstanding after just one session using the app with more than 83% rating it as easy or very easy to use and 74.8% saying they planned to use the app regularly to support their revision.

Key benefits identified by our students included: ‘It’s organized and easy to see what to focus on’ and ‘it has all the information useful for my GCSEs.’

All in all, Study Skills Day proved a hit with Year 11 students who made sure they got the most out of this incredible opportunity.