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ALERT 🚨 **** has arrived! We are looking for an in to join our wonderful team . We are building capacity as more of our students have a passion for a career in science! So if you want to know more please DM me


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Exciting opportunity! Second in charge of maths position available... come and join us on our incredible journey (Please RT)


So proud of our very own Dr D! Part of our superb teaching team


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Well-being Friday 10K ✅


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T&L bulletin issue 7- this is all about modelling and how it can support learners. If you enjoy it please share 😁


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Exciting opportunity for a for . We have developed a business curriculum that runs from year 7-11 as it is something we believe is important for our young people. If you would like to apply here is the link


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Incredible opportunity to join a in Croydon this September.


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Are you keen to develop your career in a Croydon School? are recruiting now for September 2021.


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Are you local to the community and keen to make a difference to our school? We are looking for committed individuals from the local community to join our Schools Standards Board.


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Are you keen to develop your career in a School? are recruiting now for September 2021.


FSM hampers being distributed today including recipe cards to make meals at home


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T&L Bulletin 4 for written by the amazing on our mission to embed Oracy across the curriculum. Probably more important now than ever!


Wishing our wonderful staff, students and families a very safe and Happy Christmas!


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To all our influencers Thank you! says it far better than I!


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Final T&L bulletin for the term for ... this is all about encouraging reading! features heavily ☺️ Bravo


Our T&L team bulletin no. 2!


Proud to launch our T&L bulletin! Thank you to and the Meridian LP team for sharing this with our staff! Too good not to share!


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Incredible opportunity for a recent graduate to support our sustainable school improvement journey =


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Part time SENDco to join our dynamic inclusion team - suitable for new to role or experienced, working alongside experienced SENDcos in the school. with


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Proud that and have achieved the ‘We've embraced Thrive in our setting’ status.

Posted on: 20/08/2020

Smiles as students celebrate GCSE results

There were plenty of smiles at Meridian High School today when students collected their GCSEs today.

Amy Anderson, Head of School at Meridian, said: "We are very proud of all of our students and each student’s individual successes. The results they have achieved reflect their hard work, ambition and resilience. 

"We look forward to building on our success during the new academic year through our revised curriculum and look forward to supporting our young people through our challenge, learn, achieve ethos."

Harvey Friend was one of the top achievers at Meridian with results including eight 9s. He will now take A Levels in biology, chemistry, psychology and English Literature, and hopes to take a course in neuroscience and psychology at University before starting a career in forensic mental health.

Harvey Friend Meridian

"For me, my time at Meridian was all about hard work and finding motivation," Harvey said. "I think we're quite a small school, but that just means I got to develop really close relationships with both students and teachers. Everybody supports each other, and there's always somebody who will help you.

"I'm really happy that all the hard work I put into lessons and revision paid off, especially since I started early enough to see major improvements in my mock results, which have helped me to get the grades I have now. Considering the pandemic, I'm happy that my chances for high grades weren't ruined."

Katie Aveline was another celebrating excellent GCSE results with five 9s and four 8s, and said she was delighted with her results.

Katie Aveline Meridian

"I think that my hard work definitely paid off. I'd say during the last year, the school has really supported high achievers," she said.

"I'm really pleased with my core subject grades because I worked really hard for them, especially with the challenges we've had to face. My next steps are to go sixth form to study sciences so hopefully I can pursue a career in medicine in the future."

Meanwhile Brandon Hooper is gearing up to study economics, government and politics and religious studies at A Level after securing one 9, six 8s.
"I am most happy with my maths and my combined science grades," he said. "English is probably the subject that I had to work the hardest for because it was my weaker subject. 

Brandon Hooper Meridian

"The school and teachers helped me because when I didn’t want to put the work in, I was always pushed to do better and to work hard. The teachers were able to give us the motivation to succeed when we needed it most."

A career in law awaits Bobby Cooper after he collected two 8s, three 7s, and two 6s and says his time at Meridian has shown him he is capable of realising his goals. He's now going to study government and politics, law and psychology at A Level.

Bobby Cooper Meridian

"I am most pleased with the progress I made in English because at the start of Year 10, it was the weaker of my core subjects. The progress I have made in subjects like English has shown me what I am capable of and that is going to motivate me going forward. 

"I think all of my subjects as a whole have improved hugely and this is due to the new teachers we've got, growing up a bit and realising that I need to get these grades to move forward. 

"Meridian High School has been amazing. I did not appreciate it as much when I was younger but I do now and I am really going to miss the teachers and my year group."

After securing three 6s and five 5s, Panda Achiek is also looking forward to a positive future.

Panda Achiek Meridian

"I'm very pleased because I achieved better than I expected. I have been panicking, thinking that I wouldn't do as well as I did. My results are going to benefit me a lot in the future. 

"Meridian has really helped me achieve these grades, the teachers at Meridian believe in you and have supported me in working really hard before the whole lockdown. I hope after my A Levels I can go to University to study midwifery."