Do you want to join the Meridian family?

To make an in-year application, please contact Karen Brown at Meridian High School on 01686 842545 Ext 158 or email

You can also apply through Croydon Council.

Applications for Students moving into Year 7

These must be made using the appropriate Common Application Form.

Please look at our Admissions Policy and refer to the Croydon Schools Admissions team, using the link above, for information on Year 7 admissions.

Submitting your application for Year 7

This year you must apply online at E-Admissions: Go to

Admission Arrangements for 2016/2017

The number of students Meridian High School proposes to admit into each Year is 180. The published admission number is inclusive of students with a statement of Special Educational Needs that are admitted to the school pursuant to the school being named in part 4 of their statement.


Any child not offered a place will have the statutory right of appeal. Those wishing to appeal should register their intention of doing so by sending a letter, addressed to The Clerk to the Appeal Panel, c/o the School, within 14 days of being informed that their child has not been allocated a place. All appeal letters will be acknowledged in writing. Appeals will be heard by an Independent Appeals Panel.

Advice and information on Appeals can be found in the Croydon Schools Primary to Secondary Transfer brochure.