Extra Curricular

The Meridian High School staff family has a wide range of interests and talents outside their immediate curriculum expertise and our Amazing Enrichment Programme offers students experiences and activities that will broaden their horizons in a host of ways.

We want every student to extend their knowledge, skills and talents in a range of areas, including: gardening, debating, computer programming, sports clubs and teams, music, the dramatic arts, and much more. 

Every student in Years 7 to 10 is expected to participate in at least one club each week whereas Year 11 students will focus on the Booster Sessions timetabled to support their GCSEs.

Sessions take place at a range of different times throughout the day, including before and after school and during breaks and lunchtimes. Students will be given an opportunity to sample clubs during the two Amazing Enrichment Taster Weeks which start on Monday 10th October. During these two weeks, all clubs will run for 30 minutes, enabling students to have a variety of experiences. After the Taster Weeks, students will use the form at the end of this brochure to sign up to at least one club for the rest of this term.

Whilst numbers will be limited for some clubs, students make a minimum of three choices throughout the year. These regular changes will give all students the opportunity to try their first choice before the end of the year.

Parents / Carers will be able to keep track of their child’s attendance of clubs using the school website at meridianhigh.london. Club attendance is a compulsory part of the school day, and once signed up to a club a student has made a commitment to attend. Regular attendees will automatically be entered into a draw at their end of term Celebration Assembly and will have the chance to win a £20 voucher.

For further information on the Amazing Enrichment Programme, please contact: Mr Gardner on j.gardner@meridianhigh.london or by calling the school.

The Amazing Enrichment Programme 2017-2018 is currently being developed and will be launched in Autumn 2017.