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Congratulations to 7N, 7S, 8WA, 8N, 9SA, 10EA, 10N and 11WB for having the best attendance in their year groups today!


Calling all maths teachers looking for a new challenge!! We are currently advertising for a Maths Lead Practitioner to join our wonderful team!


We are very pleased that one of our fundamental T&L strategies are helping colleagues at the University of Cambridge!


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It was great to be able to visit - first time this academic year! No doubt that it's been really challenging, for everyone, but as ever, it's great to see and hear the commitment of our teaching and support staff. Now go and enjoy a well-earned break!


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OPPORTUNITY!!! We are looking for an in to join team . We are based in Croydon and if you would like to know anything more about the school please do let me know- happy to chat!


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Thank you so so much to the superb for live streaming in to my year 10 triple classroom today to give a talk about neuroscience and behaviour and the benefits of studying a PhD! loved it- their feedback was great!


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STUNNING lockdown work from year 11 handed in today. Great to see such hard work through testing times for our students! This really does embody our core value of


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Senior Attendance Officer F/T closes 4th May


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Super proud of our boy 💛 keep being you!


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Always pleased to read T&L staff bulletins on a Saturday morning - proud that our team is relentlessly focused on teaching and learning. Thank you for inspiring the Chestnut team with these bulletins!


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Dr Davies is our participant this week! Sheona completed her thesis at and teaches at




Calling all of Team Meridian we have been nominated!! Let’s get behind our wonderful school! The more nominations the better! It would be great for our parents and carers to help us win this!


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Looking forward to welcoming back to school from Monday and using the new business and hospitality facilities. The new science mural is almost finished!


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ALERT 🚨 **** has arrived! We are looking for an in to join our wonderful team . We are building capacity as more of our students have a passion for a career in science! So if you want to know more please DM me


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Exciting opportunity! Second in charge of maths position available... come and join us on our incredible journey (Please RT)


So proud of our very own Dr D! Part of our superb teaching team


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Well-being Friday 10K ✅

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With the majority of learning currently being conducted remotely, you may wonder why homework continues to be set. As well as having a responsibility to provide work for students to complete outside of lesson time, ensuring that students can work independently and develop skills learnt in lesson is a fundamental part of our goal to helping everyone reach their potential. Taking responsibility and developing self-discipline are just a few of the ways that homework continues to benefit students.

Therefore, Strand 1 weekly knowledge quizzes in subjects will still be set, where students can consolidate work covered in class. Strand 2 articles will also be set each week, creating a link between school subjects and the outside world, as well as increasing cultural capital.

Finally, Strand 3 termly reads will continue to be set weekly for students to listen to a member of staff read a chapter of a novel as they read along. These three strands work together to ensure that every student has the opportunity to develop and grow as an independent learner and harness a love of learning.

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