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Another celebrity friend of Team MHS!! Thank you Courtney Tulloch for creating a workout to keep our students, staff and our parents and carers moving! The full video can be found on the Meridian Facebook Page!


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Wonderful to have children back this week . Great day at today preparing for Y10 return on Monday- looking forward to seeing some of our students next week.


Good Morning Parents and Carers of Meridian High! Mrs Anderson our head of school has created a short presentation for you regarding how we have prepared the school for next week.


We are seeking fantastic learning support staff to join our great team!


Absolutely beautiful art work from our very talented Courtney! Well done!!


Wishing all of our families a very safe and happy half term! We will be back online and open for keyworker provision from Monday 1st June.


It’s National Thank A Teacher Day!! If any of our parents or students would like to send a free thank you card you can do so by following this link:


A reminder to all of our Meridian families that our childcare provision and online school will be closed for half term and will be back on Monday 1st June.


Welcome to our New Year 7 Cohort! We will be sending you your transition packs very soon! We can’t wait to meet you!


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Opportunity to join our dynamic team on a journey of school improvement. Our team of students and staff make every day an incredible one


Absolutely fantastic work completed at home by our students making their own 3D cells. Well done Charley-Mae, Chloe, Millie and Aiden - rewards certificates are on the way!


Team Meridian have left our fantastic students a very special message!


Beautiful "Kandinsky Style" Art work submitted online by Alfie who created this listening to Goosebumps by well done Alfie!


Great note taking from Della!! Well done and keep up the good work!


Great English work from Year 10 student Neelab! Brilliant notes on Animal Farm!


Exceptional self portrait work from Year 8 student Nathaniel submitted online today! We love seeing the hard work our students are doing at home!


For any of our parents and carers also looking for free online learning opportunities the government have created some online courses you may be interested in


Meridian High School is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Amy Anderson as our Head of School, working with Mrs Brooks as Executive Headteacher and our wonderful team of staff.


Thank You !!! Our students and staff appreciate the words of support!


Wishing our staff, students and families a very happy and safe Easter!

Head Girl & Boy's Welcome

Our names are Joe and Rosemarie. We are honoured to be Head Boy and Head Girl of Meridian High School this year. It is a pleasure being able to represent this school.

In our school we are challenged to learn and this is resulting in students achievements getting better, year after year. In Meridian we have a unity that has driven students to Grow, Learn and Flourish as individuals and as a school.

However, our journey to excellence would not be possible without our amazing teachers that’s are so passionate about education and students progress. As a result of this our lessons are engaging for all students which allows us as individuals to participate well in lessons. We also allow views on learning to be exchanged in a respectful and undisruptive manner. This creates a positive and ideal atmosphere for learning. Furthermore, Meridian High School offers students opportunities outside of class rooms to explore what they are interested in through clubs and other activities. This helps students discover their talent and passion in a range of ways.

Here at Meridian High we reward students with good behaviour and amazing attributes towards learning. As a school we present though rewards for Honour, Motivation and Success. Tutor rewards are given out frequently to students that persistently show positive behaviour and good service to the community.

As a school we hold celebration assemblies at every end of term to celebrate those students that have risen to the challenge of learning well and those that have had amazing behaviour throughout the term.

Thank you for taking your time to read this message. We both hope you find our website helpful and that it allows you to see why we are so proud to be the student leaders of our wonderful school. We also hope to welcome you and your children here so we can demonstrate this to you in person. Welcome to Meridian High School!

Rosemarie Hounsome – Head Girl

Joseph Salerno – Head Boy

Head Boy:

Welcome to the Meridian High School website. My name is Joseph Salerno and I am the newly appointed Head Boy of our unique school. 

I joined in Year 7 and I feel I have evolved as a person due to the support and guidance offered to me by the teaching staff and various role models I have encountered through my years here. In a similar way, I have been proud to witness Meridian High School evolve into a more effective, passionate school, with students who are more focused in lessons and more motivated This is ensuring we can achieve the grades we deserve.

I feel a lot of this progress is due to the dedication and ethos of our Headteacher, Mr. Giles. He has led by example, calling the students and staff a family and working hard. In my opinion, this has led to our students valuing each other more, showing mutual respect and has helped to ensure there is minimum bullying in our school.

One aspect of Meridian High School that makes us unique is our Spectrum Centre. The staff here ensure children who need particular support in any given area can focus on their work, gain the confidence to work independently and make excellent progress. I am very proud to be part of a school that has an inclusive ethos and that caters for everyone's needs.

In addition to this, our school works hard to welcome and encourage all young learners. For new students joining, there is a network of support within the school, including help from the older and experienced students, which I am proud to have been a big part of. This mentoring project helps younger students to learn from the experienced students, with the aim to motivate younger learners, praising them if they succeed in their learning challenges and guiding them on their journey through a new school. 

I am extremely proud to be the Head Boy of our continually developing school and I hope I can be a part of ensuring our school continues to develop and improve into an ‘outstanding’ school in the future. 

If you wish to see the progression of the school for yourself, then contact us via phone or email and arrange a date where you can visit the school.

Joseph Salerno

Head Boy - September 2019

Head Girl:

My name is Rosemarie and I am honoured to represent this school as Head Girl this year. In 2016 I joined Meridian High School in the middle of year 8 as I had transferred from another school to Meridian.  As a Romany Gypsy I was worried that I would find it hard to fit in at first when I joined as I didn’t know if I would be accepted because of my ethnicity. However, Meridian High School welcomed me with opening arms and made sure I felt comfortable which made me feel accepted.

I have seen the positive changes and amazing progress that has happened to this school over these years because of the leadership and staff who are determined to improve this school even more each year. My experience at Meridian High School has been an adventure I have been given some amazing opportunities to represent this school and develop my talents as a student. This school has given me so much confidence and inspired me that I can do my  best in the future and that I can, and will, be successful. I now believe that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. So, come visit us and see for yourself how amazing Meridian High School is.

Rosemarie Hounsome

Head Girl - September 2019