Head Girl & Boy's Welcome


Our names are Alfie and Tayla and we are the Head Boy and Head Girl of Meridian High School respectively. We would like to wish you a warm welcome to the school website and hopefully to Meridian High School itself.

We are extremely honoured to possess such high-status roles within our family at this rapidly improving school, with the ultimate aim to become outstanding.

Since 2014, when Mr Giles was appointed the new head teacher, the changes to the school and the improvements have been endless. As we have witnessed first-hand, the attitudes of students towards learning and hard work have hugely improved.  The atmosphere around school, as well as the reputation, have been vastly enhanced. This can be shown by the ever-growing numbers of year 6 students joining our family in year 7 year on year.

Furthermore, the quality of teaching and understanding has grown to new heights and we and the other students have benefited greatly from this. The staff bring out the absolute best in students.   We are given extensive support when learning so that they can reach their true potential at Meridian High School. We believe that there is only one direction that the school is heading in and that is to be recognised as an outstanding school in the foreseeable future.

Moreover, Meridian High School offers a range of extra-curricular activities, such as: softball, netball, football, athletics and many academic clubs. We can assure you that there will be a club to suit your interests.

In addition to this, rewards for exemplary students are taken particularly seriously here at Meridian High School. Behaviour, effort and attendance are always praised.  Every term, we have separate house celebration assemblies in which students are rewarded for their effort, behaviour and attendance for the past term. Your continuous hard work will not go unnoticed by the staff and your peers and you could even go home with vouchers and prizes! So, don’t worry, your hard work will not go under the radar.

We are particularly proud to represent the students at Meridian High School and hope to be the student voice to lead the school on its way to being the “beacon of excellence that our community deserves”.  We hope that our website gives you a clear idea of Meridian High School, its values, and its continuing path to success. We both look forward to welcoming you to our school.

-Alfie and Tayla

Head Boy:

I joined Meridian High School in April of year 8 and I can honestly say that it was definitely the most successful decision I have ever made. I am completely honoured to say that I am a student at Meridian. The atmosphere around the school site is full of positivity and all the members of staff that have ever taught me have motivated me continuously so that I can live up to my full potential. Finally, for me as Head Boy, I strongly suggest that you book a visit to our school and come and see how our family are treated, and I hope to see you join our family here at Meridian High School.

-Alfie Bates

Head Girl:

In 2013, I joined Meridian High School at the beginning of year 7 and, therefore, have witnessed all of the wholesale changes through my almost 4 years here. I can honestly say that I was begged by others not to attend this school due to its old reputation, however I – as well as the school – have proved them wrong. Meridian High School has given me a sense of family, of loyalty, of integrity, and I believe that my attendance here has made me a better person for it. I could not imagine spending my high school education anywhere else and am proud to say that I am a member of Meridian High School. My final message to you is that I hope you can experience this for yourself and book a visit. I hope to see you at Meridian High School in the near future.

-Tayla Lock