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Introduction to teaching and learning

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Homework Guide for Parents and Carers

Prep Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Prep- home learning to prepare students for learning.

With the majority of learning currently being conducted remotely, you may wonder why homework continues to be set. As well as having a responsibility to provide work for students to complete outside of lesson time, ensuring that students can work independently and develop skills learnt in lesson is a fundamental part of our goal to helping everyone reach their potential. Taking responsibility and developing self-discipline are just a few of the ways that homework continues to benefit students. 

We believe that homework, which we refer to as 'Prep' is important to prepare the students for learning and their assessements and to do this we have a 3 strand approach. Strand 1 weekly knowledge quizzes in subjects will still be set, where students can consolidate work covered in class. Strand 2 articles will also be set each week, creating a link between school subjects and the outside world, as well as increasing cultural capital.

Finally, Strand 3 termly reads will continue to be set weekly for students to listen to a member of staff read a chapter of a novel as they read along. These three strands work together to ensure that every student has the opportunity to develop and grow as an independent learner and harness a love of learning.

Prep (Homework) Guide for Parents

(Prep) Homework Guide for Students