Posted on: 01/10/2017

Amazing ACE Day 1

A huge array of AMAZING activities took place in school on Friday 15th September as students and staff alike came off timetable to Achieve, Create and Extend learning in new and unexpected ways. 

North House staff had developed a series of code-breaking challenges which saw students using ‘Caesar Wheels,’ ‘Spanish Soduko,’ ‘Map Reading’ and ‘Semaphore’ and a range of other resources in a sequence of mini-challenges in which teams had to win a giant jigsaw piece each round to create a treasure map to win the overall competition.

South House staff had prepared a fantastic range of team building challenges which saw students attempting to cross the playground in a variety of hilarious and creative ways whilst working closely together to win competitions.

Shouts of encouragement and peals of laughter were in ready supply as the students really took to the ‘walking with planks,’ ‘buckets and string,’ ‘stepping stones’ and other team-building, fun challenges.

East House laid on a variety of team games and mindfulness exercises which helped students to manage their excitement over the course of the day with Mr Shah’s Meditation and Yoga sessions proving highly popular.

West House engaged students with their sporty team challenges setting teams against each other to prove their ability to cooperate for success as well as completing vital CPR Training with students so that they are able to help deliver first aid in emergencies.

Of course, Year 11 students had a slightly different focus. They were engaged throughout the day with a number of subject revision skills sessions helping them to prepare for the most important year of their lives. As well as receiving revision sessions in English, Maths and Science, Year 11 students learned how Mind Maps, Mnemonics and Flash Cards can help them as they prepare for their final exams.

All in all, ACE Day 1 was an exciting and fun event which extended students learning in a host of ways. 

ACE Day 1 - Picture Gallery

We all look forward to the next Ace Day on Tuesday 28th November.