Posted on: 13/07/2017

Croydon Food Market

On July 11th, seven of our amazing food ambassadors harvested, prepared and packaged the produce they have been growing out in the school's edible playground and sold it to members of the public at the Croydon School's Food Market in Croydon town centre.

They prepared food products such as potato salad pots, bags of cut herbs, a range of salad, flavoured water, lavender biscuits and allotment muffins (courgette and carrot). They also designed their own branding for their produce and created labels and posters to help them sell the items they had made.

All of the students were superb representatives for Meridian High School. They were confident, polite and respectful to the customers and were the only school at the market to completely sell out of produce on their stall. Some of the students also demonstrated some very impressive skills in enterprise and sales technique, which helped contribute to their overall success. In total they made £71.67 profit, which is a great achievement.

Some of the Year 8 food ambassadors also made the following comments about their experience at the food market:

Henry Coffie said "Our Meridian High students were very proud to see their produce prepared in to food items and sold."

"The school food market was also a great experience because we were able to develop business skills by persuading the public to buy the produce we have grown."

Bobby Dering stated that "today was a great experience because we all built confidence to speak to the public" and Katie Aveline added that "we were also able to use our mathematical skills and practice our sales pitches. This is important because, in order to have a successful business, you need these skills... overall we had a great day!"