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According to children who are bullied are more likely to experience depression and anxiety, health complaints and decreased academic achievement.


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Today was the finale of one of my mentorship programmes at and I decided to surprise the boys with a guest visit from comedian he spoke to them about what it takes to be successful and how you have to grind for what you want


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Looking forward to the day ahead, I’ll be finishing my mentorship programme at with a special surprise for the boys I’ve been mentoring, it’s going to be a great day


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Magic Breakfast - free breakfast available to students. Ensuring that no child is too hungry to learn


PSHE - today Year 10 had a special assembly on radicalisation and extremism . Delivered by


Today, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, observed the two-minute silence to remember those who have given their lives in service of their country


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Wonderful Year 8 parents evening with so many happy parents and carers tonight. So proud of our teachers, making such a positive difference to our students learning.


As part of PSHE this week Years 8 & 9 had the opportunity to watch a fantastic theater performance on the topic of Knife Crime delivered by in collaboration with


Looking forward to seeing our Year 8 Parents and carers this evening!


4th - 8th November. A safe space for young people to get support develop skills and have fun available


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Reminder to all Year 8 parents and carers for tomorrow - see you there!


Check out "Employment Advice Clinic for Croydon Parents - Broad Green Library"


National Stress Awareness Week this week 4th - 8th November! A range of support and therapies available and


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History Teacher required in Croydon Start date: January Hours/Contract: Full time/permanent Salary: MPR/UPR (Outer London - potential of a small TLR for an experienced teacher to add capacity to the subject leadership) Apply today!


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Want to find out more about opportunities for young people to share stories, report with and attend and events? Register to receive our updates and invitations for your school, college or youth organisation 👉


- Supporting mental health and well being


Reminder for all parents and carers of Year 8 students!


School Uniform Shop

Students are expected to wear the full Meridian High School uniform with pride and to be of smart and sensible appearance at all times. The requirement for students to wear the Meridian High School uniform is intended to develop their sense of belonging to our family and to encourage them to take pride in their appearance. Students are expected to wear full school uniform on the way to and from the School as they are representing our community.

The following rules apply to all students and are non-negotiable:

  • Top button of shirt must be fastened.
  • Ties should be securely tied covering the top button, fully displaying the school logo.
  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Skirts must not be rolled and should be around knee length.
  • Shoes must be formal, plain, black and polishable.
  • Hair should be well presented and smart.
  • Piercings are restricted to the ears, where students may wear only stud earrings. Hooped earrings and rings are not acceptable for safety reasons.
  • If hairbands are worn, they must be plain in colour with no patterns or adornments.
  • If make-up is worn, it should not be visible.
  • Where the hijab is worn for religious reasons, it must be plain in colour with no patterns or adornments.
  • None of the following are permitted:
    • Eye lash extensions
    • Tinted or cosmetic contact lenses
    • Decorative dental wear
    • Facial studs
    • Nail extensions
    • Bandannas and baseball caps
    • Other visible jewellery

Any student in breach of our uniform rules will be either sent home to correct the issue or isolated until the uniform is correct, as per the school’s rules (in certain circumstances a dated note from a medical professional provided to the Head of House may result in a temporary exception). Jewellery and other forbidden items will be confiscated.

Essential items of uniform, e.g. school blazer, house ties, school jumpers and PE kit, are only available from Meridian High School. These essential items are provided free of charge for all new entrants in advance of their first day. Subsequent replacement items are available from the school shop (payment to be made via our school website) at cost.

When temperatures are forecasted to be over 25°C, there will be a ‘shirt sleeve order’ in place. Students are encouraged to leave their blazers and jumpers at home and to carry water with them at all times. Other than blazers and jumpers, the uniform must still be worn properly according to policy. Students who wear skirts are encouraged to bring black ankle socks to change into if there is a ‘shirt sleeve order’ in place, which they then may wear instead of tights. This will be according to the BBC Weather forecast for Biggin Hill.

The following document provides further information about the uniform, where it can be purchased and how it should be worn.

MHS Uniform Policy

MHS PE Kit Policy